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654 Young Street
Santa Ana, Ca. 92705 USA
Tel 714-545-3540

Company Cell 714-852-8298
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Lamberto, Sr.
Plating Plant, Santa Ana
email: info@lmchrome.com

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Located in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, USA

Welcome to Gorilla’s Polishing and Plating Corp.  service company where you will receive the
top quality decorative plating
.  We are experts in wheel / rim chrome plating on aluminum and steel for Phoenix, AZ  residents, dealers and manufacturers.

You can count on our 38 combined years of experience in the metal finishing industry, both production manufacturing and custom walk-in parts.

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Trust us with your parts. Our staff is ready to quote.


In Phoenix, Gorilla’s Polishing and Plating Corp. has been providing decorative electroplating services since 1996. Our 10,000 sq. ft in-house plating facility is ready to serve all your plating needs. Whether large production or small jobs, here at Gorilla Chrome Plating, in Santa Ana, CA, USA, we can provide a variety of plating services and chemical stripping.

We have been offering and providing plating services to Phoenix for over 15 years. Our plating shop is the leader in metal finishing, show chrome plating, powder coating, and metal restoration.  Our many years of experience and years in business we continue being #1.

We are not a middle-man sales website…we are direct and an IN HOUSE plating facility.  Our website is registered with Google and Bing/Yahoo.



Located in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, USA


Our services include the following:

Chrome Plating on Auto Wheels or Motorcycle Wheels…we are #1
Chrome Plating – Decorative Bright Nickel Plating
Copper Acid Plating Semi-Bright Nickel Plating
Black Chrome Plating Black Nickel Plating
Zincate for Aluminum Plating Nickel Wood Strike
Metal Polishing Polishing – Hand Tool Detail
Metal Grinding Metal Buffing
Satin or Brush Finishing Matt or Glossy Clear Coats
De-Burring Plating on Aluminum
Plating on Stainless Steel Plating on Steel
Plating on Brass or Bronze Brass or Copper Metal Polishing
Powder Coating Services Chemical Stripping
Sand Blasting Hand Wiring to Racking
Antique Finishing Offered Custom Racking for Production
Plugging and Masking Available Plating on Pre-Polish
Flash Plating / Straight Plating Re-Activation of Nickel
Polish Stainless Steel Brush Stainless Stainless
Chrome on Stainless Steel


What is Plating? 


Plating Department – Santa Ana Division – Processing chrome wheels in the plating area. In 2011, Gorilla’s Plating process more than 26,000 wheels.























What is Plating?

Plating is a surface coating in which a metal is deposited on a conductive or metal surface. Aka: “electrochemical deposition”. Plating has been done for hundreds of years and is critical for modern technology. Plating is used to decorate objects, beautify, for corrosion inhibition, to improve solderability, to harden, to improve wearability, to reduce friction, to improve paint adhesion, to alter conductivity, for radiation shielding, and for other purposes.


The actual process consists of water holding tanks with various amounts of chemistry (chemicals), temperature controls mostly for heating, side baskets that hold metal (such as zinc, cadmium, nickel, brass, copper nuggets), air agitation, and work bars (referred as bus bars).  This process tank for plating will also be connected to a rectifier (an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction).

In general, plating is divided in two different types of services:

  • Decorative
  • Functional (spec. plating)

Plating is considered part of science and chemistry. At Gorilla’s Plating we are a decorative metal plating facility which services to the public and manufacturers.

Samples of plating:

  • Jewelry manufacturing typically uses plating to give a silver or gold finish.
  • Thin-film deposition has plated objects as small as an atom.
  • Automotive wheels or rims have a shiny mirror affect due to metal polishing and chrome plating.
  • Shopping carts, slot machines, faucets, lamps, and musical instruments are samples of decorative plating.
  • Screws, nuts, bolts, refrigerator grills, hood hinges, connectors, printed circuit boards are samples of functional plating.

What can Gorilla’s Plating and Metal Polishing Corp do for you?

We offer to quote/estimate and chrome plate the following items as walk-ins or production:

Car Wheels Motorcycle Wheels Auto Wheels Off Road Wheels Damage Wheels
Classic Car Parts Motorcycle Forks Primary Covers Roders Polish Only Motorcycle Parts
Slot Machine Parts Antiques Faucets Door Hardware Boat Parts
Bumpers Grills Door Handles Cabinet Pulls Musical Instruments
Fasteners Screws / Bolts Nuts / Washer Signage Plumbing Fixture
Lighting Fixtures Lamps Clocks Guns Emblems
Silver Trays Gold Plating Clocks Hub Caps Jewelry Bicycle Parts
Shopping Carts Dirt Bikes 3 Wheels  Vehicle 4 Wheels Quad Exhaust Pipes
Piano Parts Guitar Parts Furniture Parts Hotelware Flatware
Valve Cover Hand Rails Hub Cap Antique Stove Silverware
Air Cleaner Cover Bicycle Frame Sprockets Bumper Guards Watches / Clocks
Statues / Figures Bowls and Trays Trims / Moulding Window Frames Home Décor
Rope Stanchions Stainless Steel Finish Candle Sticks Collectibles Medical Instruments




Located in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, USA



      • Are you interested in knowing “how much does it cost” to chrome your wheels?
      • Do you  need to re-chrome your wheels because it is peeling or bubbling off?
      • Are your wheels or rims scuff up or deeply scratched?
      • Is it cheaper to buy wheels to replate (rechroming) your current wheels?
      • How long does it take? 1 day? 1 week? 1 month?
      • Is there a guarantee on chrome plating?
      • Why does chrome plating peel off?
      • What is show chrome or triple plating?





Located in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, USA



Address: LM Chrome Inc . 654 Young Avenue, Santa Ana, CA. 92705 Phone: (714) 545-3540 | Company Cell (714) 852-8298

Sales Representive Address: San Diego North (760) 803-1493

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Montgomery Metal Polishing Fairbanks Metal Polishing Tucson Metal Polishing
Montgomery Metal Finishing Fairbanks Metal Finishing Tucson Metal Finishing
Montgomery Wheel Metal Finishing Fairbanks Wheel Metal Finishing Tucson Wheel Metal Finishing
Montgomery Metal Restoration Fairbanks Metal Restoration Tucson Metal Restoration
Montgomery Brass Polishing Fairbanks Brass Polishing Tucson Brass Polishing
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Fayetteville Metal Restoration San Francisco Metal Restoration Riverside Metal Restoration
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Fayetteville Chemical Stripping San Francisco Chemical Stripping Riverside Chemical Stripping
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Miami Metal Restoration Chicago Metal Restoration Detriot Metal Restoration
Miami Brass Polishing Chicago Brass Polishing Detriot Brass Polishing
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Miami Copper Plating Chicago Copper Plating Detriot Copper Plating
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Las Vegas Brass Polishing Buffalo Brass Polishing Cleveland Brass Polishing
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Las Vegas Nickel Plating Buffalo Nickel Plating Cleveland Nickel Plating
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Las Vegas Aluminum Wheels Repairs Buffalo Aluminum Wheels Repairs Cleveland Aluminum Wheels Repairs
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Las Vegas Motorcycle Chrome Plating Buffalo Motorcycle Chrome Plating Cleveland Motorcycle Chrome Plating
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Reno Wheel Repair Chrome Plating Rochester Wheel Repair Chrome Plating Columbus Wheel Repair Chrome Plating
Reno Powder Coat Wheels Rochester Powder Coat Wheels Columbus Powder Coat Wheels
Reno Metal Polishing Rochester Metal Polishing Columbus Metal Polishing
Reno Metal Finishing Rochester Metal Finishing Columbus Metal Finishing
Reno Wheel Metal Finishing Rochester Wheel Metal Finishing Columbus Wheel Metal Finishing
Reno Metal Restoration Rochester Metal Restoration Columbus Metal Restoration
Reno Brass Polishing Rochester Brass Polishing Columbus Brass Polishing
Reno Chemical Stripping Rochester Chemical Stripping Columbus Chemical Stripping
Reno Copper Plating Rochester Copper Plating Columbus Copper Plating
Reno Nickel Plating Rochester Nickel Plating Columbus Nickel Plating
Reno Decorative Metal Finishing Rochester Decorative Metal Finishing Columbus Decorative Metal Finishing
Reno Aluminum Wheels Repairs Rochester Aluminum Wheels Repairs Columbus Aluminum Wheels Repairs
Reno Stripping Chrome Wheels Rochester Stripping Chrome Wheels Columbus Stripping Chrome Wheels
Reno Motorcycle Chrome Plating Rochester Motorcycle Chrome Plating Columbus Motorcycle Chrome Plating
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Henderson Chrome Wheel Plating Manhattan Chrome Wheel Plating Cincinnati Chrome Wheel Plating
Henderson Wheel Repair Chrome Plating Manhattan Wheel Repair Chrome Plating Cincinnati Wheel Repair Chrome Plating
Henderson Powder Coat Wheels Manhattan Powder Coat Wheels Cincinnati Powder Coat Wheels
Henderson Metal Polishing Manhattan Metal Polishing Cincinnati Metal Polishing
Henderson Metal Finishing Manhattan Metal Finishing Cincinnati Metal Finishing
Henderson Wheel Metal Finishing Manhattan Wheel Metal Finishing Cincinnati Wheel Metal Finishing
Henderson Metal Restoration Manhattan Metal Restoration Cincinnati Metal Restoration
Henderson Brass Polishing Manhattan Brass Polishing Cincinnati Brass Polishing
Henderson Chemical Stripping Manhattan Chemical Stripping Cincinnati Chemical Stripping
Henderson Copper Plating Manhattan Copper Plating Cincinnati Copper Plating
Henderson Nickel Plating Manhattan Nickel Plating Cincinnati Nickel Plating
Henderson Decorative Metal Finishing Manhattan Decorative Metal Finishing Cincinnati Decorative Metal Finishing
Henderson Aluminum Wheels Repairs Manhattan Aluminum Wheels Repairs Cincinnati Aluminum Wheels Repairs
Henderson Stripping Chrome Wheels Manhattan Stripping Chrome Wheels Cincinnati Stripping Chrome Wheels
Henderson Motorcycle Chrome Plating Manhattan Motorcycle Chrome Plating Cincinnati Motorcycle Chrome Plating
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